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Your Advisor
Didn't See
This Coming?

If you are a baby boomer and your portfolio is, or was down more than 15%, please take a few minutes and listen to this controversial Podcast.

Brett is best known for:

• National TV commercials on Fox News and Newsmax

• Founder of Retirement Architecture

• Editor-in-Chief of Deserve Magazine

• Host of the Deserve Podcast

• Hundreds of Live Educational Webinars.


Brett is an outspoken, no holds barred advocate for his fellow baby boomers. He has been warning of an “everything bubble” and how it will cause boomers will lose TRILLIONS when it finally bursts!

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NOTE: Brett is not a financial advisor and does not offer financial, tax, or legal advice. He is an independent consultant serving the financial service industry. Brett promotes tax efficiencies and loss prevention as the foundation of sound retirement planning. Brett educates baby boomers and financial Advisors on the importance of wealth transfer which is the subject of his new book “Immoral Enrichment”.



Don’t get stressed out, you can fire your advisor without making or receiving a single phone call. Below is a SAMPLE letter you can edit and send it to your Advisor. It also includes a do-it-yourself, step-by-step process to move your portfolio to a leading consumer direct platform. You can move your entire portfolio without “booking a loss”, incurring a tax liability, and without paying a service charge!


If you hired a plumber and your pipes leaked, would you ignore the problem and keep paying the plumber? If your mechanic forgets to tighten your lug nuts and your wheel falls off, do you look for a new mechanic? If your Advisor missed all the SELL signals and you are stuck waiting, or hoping for a rebound should you ignore that problem?

What will make your experience with your
next Advisor different?That depends on who and how you interview. Consider this:


MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) is a scientific method of monitoring major shifts in the trends of stocks and major indexes. It is a system that helps investors decide when to be “in the markets”, when to get out, and when to get back in again. The chart above is the MACD during the 2000-2003 “dot com” crash. If you were using this method, you would have avoided most of the market losses. The method is also credited for keeping investors out of the markets for three years…image the patience that took! Not long after the rebound from the dot-com crash, the MACD method again gave the Sell signal just as the 2008 financial crisis unfolded. It later gave the “back in” signal and helped its followers stay invested until the brief “Sell” in the early weeks of the COVID Crash. The “buy” signal came much quicker than the 2000 and 2008 crashes.


On January 21, 2022, the MACD method, like chief Brody on the edge of the beach in Jaws, signaled it was time to get out! To since then, a few “head fakes” may have cause some to briefly “buy” but that signal was short lived. Most MACD followers continue to be out of the markets. Imagine if your Advisor put you in CASH on January 21, 2022; safe to say, you wouldn’t be on this website.


By the end of April, Brett realized he may have been educating the wrong people. Instead of educating baby boomers, he should have been educating their Advisors! That is exactly what he is doing now. Each week Brett is offering FREE workshops on MACD to financial Advisors who primarily serve baby boomers. The process will take months if not years to make a dent given the sheer number of Advisors; however, Brett is willing to connect you with an Advisor who has trained on MACD and agrees to follow the method without comprise. 


In as much as the MACD method is currently signaling “OUT”, time may not be on your side. Below are links to open a direct account with TD Ameritrade. You can open the account in minutes and self-transfer your portfolio by completing a simple three-page form.

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